Monday, April 26, 2010

Green Driving = Save gasoline

How can you save gasoline/diesel?
Drive the right car.

See the list of dirtiest cars:
Hummer H2
Hummer H3
Jeep Gran Cherokee
Chevrolet Trailblazer
Dodge Ram 1500
Doge Dakota
Chrysler Aspen

1) Check your tire pressure (ask tire shop)
Low tire pressure works like a brake
- you need more gasoline/diesel

2) Check how much unnecessary things/weight you have in your car.
Every pound raises your gasoline consumption.

3) Check your air filter
An engine needs air to burn the gasoline/diesel
When the air filter is clogged up, the engine has to suck harder and you need more gasoline/diesel

4) Think about how fast you drive
The faster you drive the more gasoline/diesel you burn
Our recycling truck gets 18 mi/gallon
when we drive 70 mph
BUT it run 22 miles a gallon
when we drive 53 mph

Sure, it takes more time, but just take your calculator
When you have to drive 35 miles with 70 mph
you need 1/2 an hour or 30 minutes
Now, you want to save gasoline/diesel and
you lower your speed to 53 mph
you will drive 9 minutes longer

5) Think about using synthetic oil for your engine
Synthetic oil provides less friction
less friction =
less gasoline/diesel usage

6) Think ahead when you drive and
you will save gasoline/diesel

Don't speed to the next light
When you see it is red, take your foot from the pedal
Every time you hit the brakes, you destroy energy = your money.

7) Save a lot of gasoline when reducing the time you idle your engine
The good thing about green driving is
that you save a lot of money and
eco friendly Driving
helps our environment!

Karolina Noor 12B

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