Thursday, February 4, 2010


SÄÄSTUMARKET- the store where you can quickly and conveniently buy groceries, household and seasonal goods at unusually low prices.

Supernetto/Säästumarket is the first and only hard-discounter chain in Baltics that provides its customers with the basic limited range of everyday food and non-food products without extra service.

Low price – Supernetto/Saastumarket offers the absolute lowest prices for basic foodstuffs and non-food goods
We offer a limited range of quality products without extra service.
For this reason, the products sold in Supernetto/Saastumarket are always approximately 10 to 20 % cheaper than in super- or hypermarkets.

Quality assortment of everyday needed basic products.
Our fast turnover and big volumes guaranteeing the good quality for fresh products
The private label products are the ones that provide good prices. At the moment there are already about 100 private label products representing 30 brands – these products one can buy only at Super Netto/Säästumarket stores. Besides the assortment of the private label goods is regularly updated and replenished.

Estonia: Säästumarket started in Estonia with it’s first store in Tallinn in March 1999. Current network coverage 57 stores
Latvia: Supernetto entered Latvia with it’s first store in Riga in June 2002 and expansion phase started from June 2003.
Lithuania: Supernetto entered to Lithuania September 2005 by opening seven new stores

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