Friday, February 5, 2010

Waste sorting system in Estonia (Pandipakend)

On May 1, 2005 the deposit system proceeding from the Packaging Act entered into force in Estonia. Eesti Pandipakend LLC (EPP) is a recovery organisation established for the purposes of organising the recovery of packaging subject to the payment of a deposit. The EPP was founded on the basis of the principle of liability of producer provided for in the European Union (EU) Directive on Packaging and in the Estonian Packaging Act.

Estonian Pandipakend LLC organises nothing but the recovery of beverage packages.
The aim of the EPP- it organises the nation-wide collection and recovery of packaging and packaging waste subject to deposit. For that purpose the EPP creates and operates a transparent and effective nation-wide system of collection and recovery of glass, plastic and metal non-refillable packaging (packaging waste) subject to deposit (deposit packaging) of soft drinks, beer,cider, perry and low-ethanol alcoholic beverages.

The recovery of packaging waste helps to keep Estonian nature cleaner. Every year 1000 tons of beverage packaging pollutes our environment which means that each year recoverable material worth approximately 10 million kroons is thrown away as waste.
Every beverage package made of plastic, metal or glass can be reused instead of continuously wasting raw materials.

By purchasing the products packaged in the packages bearing the EPP emblem and returning the packages you can help to preserve nature and make our environment cleaner!

In the year 2007 Eesti Pandipakend collected 204 miljon subjects,which is 23%more than in the year 2006 when there was collected 166 miljon subjects
This is thanks to the estonians growing environmental knowledge and caring for the future.This shows that we care about our home, forests and mainly the next generations well-being.

Also in ours school - Kuressaare Gymnasium the School Youth Council has organized a nice project. A box where students can put their plastic bottles.

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