Sunday, February 7, 2010

More about recycling

As you can see from the previous posting, there are a lot of bright ideas how to recycle your old clothes etc. You just have to be creative!
Recycling seems to be everywhere these days. Supermarkets offer reusable bags and recycling bins in their doorways. “Made from recyclable materials” is on many products. Still, goods that could be reused or recycled are tossed in the trash. (Source)
We carried out a poll among 40 people in different ages to find out how much they know about recycling. Only 50% of them are recycling their garbage! 37,5% of the respondets doesn't know how to classify wastes. 32,5% answered that the containers locate way too far. Adults were more aware of recycling than teenagers.
Let's see what the future brings!

Here are two very useful videod about recycling
(These are not made by us!)

By the way, did know that how long does it take to decompose:
Banana peel - 2 months
Cardboard milk carton - 5 years
Wooden baseball bat - 20 years
Leather baseball glove - 40 years
Aluminum can - 350 years
Plastic sandwich bag - 400 years
Glass bottle - maybe never, undetermined
Foam cup - maybe never, undetermined

For every ton of paper we recycle, we can save 17 trees from being cut down to make new paper.

Learn more about recycling: Wikipedia, Recycling guide, How to recycle anything

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