Monday, February 8, 2010

Estonian forests and Let's do it project

The forests of Estonia
Almost a half of the territory of Estonia is covered by forest. Forest is a living place for lots of animals. Forest has always been important for Estonians (food, building material, vacation).
Trash in forest
Placing trash away into an "invisible place" (in forest) harms forest and its ecological system permanently. Chips of glasses, plastic or dangerous trash might harm animals who live in forests. Trash that lies under the forest spoils the beautiful view. Estonia spends about 2 million EEK taxpayers' money for cleaning the forests every year.
Cleaning action "Teeme ära" (also mentioned in an ealier post)
Civil initiative "Let's do it! 2008" planned with voluntaries´s help clean up forests, beaches and roadsides in one weekend. The main purpose of the organizers was involving everybody: schoolchildren, retired, young and old, Russians and Estonians. By the data of the union there were about 7000 tonnes of garbage and to carry it together during one day it would had needed 40 000 people.
On the 3th of May 2008 more than 50 000 people came together to clean the forests and other natural places. In 5 hours about 10 000 tonnes of garbage was carried together.
(Elo, Marge, Kadri, Elis, Siiri)

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