Sunday, February 7, 2010

The dark side of lively trade – Baltic Sea endangered

Big oil pollution occurred on the coast of Estonia – hundreds of sea birds are dead, up to 5,000 birds are in danger. World Wildlife Fund helps to organize the cleaning of birds. (ELF)

Oily birds are collected to the north-western coast of Estonia, to Nõva fire depot. There after
the birds are taken to the Zoo in Tallinn. ELF people and the Tallinn diving club members are among the voluntaries. According to ELF, the Estonian oil spill response has been neglected already for years. The Executive Manager of the fund Jüri Salm finds it sad that something should always happen before serious attention is paid to those matters.

Possibilities of Estonia for oil spill response and saving birds are very defi cient. Also the readiness of Finland to respond to oil spills is not suffi cient but Finland has passed the law which allows to impose a fi ne for the faulty ship also in international waters. Since the protection of the Baltic Sea is a common concern of the Baltic Sea states, the supervision forces should be joined.

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