Monday, February 22, 2010

Awore of the consumption

One saving lifestyle base is awore conpsumtion. It is important when we are buying everyday food, clothes or shoes.
Useful tips how to an aware consumer:
*Prefer local products instead of imported goods. Local products doesn't consist preservatives.
*The less packages, the better. It is better to buy one big than several small ones – you get more product and less package. It is better to use cloth bag rather than plastic bag.
*Multiple use glass, recyclable glass, recyclable plastic.
*ecoworkings on the products show thatthere isn't used any artificial fertilisers or poisonous chemicals
*It is better to eat vegetarian food than meat products, because meat production requires five tiems more energy.
The mos environment friendly is to buy cloth bag and avoid buyin a newq plastic bag every time you go to store.
When buying clothes, prefer natural materials to synthetic. There isn't used any un recoverable resources – oil or land gas.
Before buying anything, consider your needs – do you wish to use your shoes on city streets or on rough landscape. It is rewcommended to buy practical design and quality shoes. You should avoid buying products you don't use very often and seems to be low quality. Risto Nõukas, Andri Vanem, Roby Lõbus, Triin Jõgi 12A.

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